About Brian

Brian Anthony Davis, B.A. is an unrelenting educator, award-winning activist, vegan, yoga teacher, historian, researcher, and passionate activist committed to creating a world of critical thinkers, self-love advocates, and yoga for self-exploration.


During his tenure at Penn State University, Brian had a remarkable experience serving the Penn State Community. Brian led over 22 organizations at Penn State including being Director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration, President of the Social Justice Coalition, Ambassador for the Commission for Race and Ethnic Diversity, Education Abroad Adviser, as well as a Resident Assistant for 2 years. Davis’ efforts have not gone without recognition: Brian received over 40 academic, leadership, and service awards during his time at Penn State. Most notably, Brian received 2 of the most prestigious awards a student at Penn State University can receive. These two awards are given to 1 student out of 50,000 students at Penn State University.








Brian’s speaking engagements around the U.S. led to Brian being highly sought out by TEDx. In 2017, Brian was selected to give a TED Talk, at TEDxPSU. His TED Talk has won him national recognition for his thoughtfulness and sophistication on issues of inequality, racism, and the criminal justice system.



After earning his B.A., from Penn State University in 2018, Brian became a 5th-grade teacher in the Bay Area where he bears witness to the systemic inequalities facing both teachers and students in our education system. Brian transformed learning in his classroom in his first year of teaching, by teaching his students how to critically think and question information, use meta-comprehension skills, and academic scholarship. In his role as an Educator, Brian witnessed a dearth of self-care amongst teachers and students. Brian began implementing yoga and meditation in his classroom, producing a huge transformational shift in not only social-emotional well-being but in his students’ academic performance as well.  This led Brian to pursue a Yoga Teacher Certification through Breathe for Change. 

Currently, Brian is the Associate Director of Equity and Inclusion at St. Ignatius College Preparatory in San Francisco, California. Additionally, Brian is a graduate student at the University of San Francisco pursuing a degree in Human Rights Education. Brian believes this program will provide him with the theoretical tools to work in solidarity with other freedom fighters fighting the social injustices around human rights violations affecting the United States and the world writ large. The same harms plaguing the world currently are identical to the issues he was unconscious of from childhood through pre-adulthood. Brian understands the feeling of being unaware of my human rights and experiencing what it’s like to be empowered by knowing them.



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