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My introduction to yoga came after years of misunderstanding myself, my relationship to something bigger than myself, and a deficiency in self-love. Yoga changed my life in so many ways. It became a healing force that allowed me to love myself so unconditional.


I truly believe when you step on your yoga mat you enter a different world. You are able to cleanse your chakras, have a conversation with your higher self, transcend the physical world, all while being connected to your breath. This journey called me to pursue becoming a certified yoga teacher. I now teach classes as well as do individual sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area 

Yoga to me is the full expression of life in conjunction with the mind, body, and soul. It incorporates harmony; love, building a relationship with your higher self, and stillness. Yoga is an internal self-exploration that demystifies every social construction. In combination with meditation, it allows for electric currency in the body, allows for bringing awareness for manifestation, and soul excavation 

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